The North-West Tasmanian Lilium Society Inc. was formed in 1981 to foster interest in growing Liliums. From that time we have assisted many members, as well as countless members of the public, to grow, breed and enjoy these amazing bulbs.

Our mild climate, reliable rainfall and good soils allow us to grow most Liliums with relative ease.

Given that Liliums are not endemic to the Southern Hemisphere, we have always encouraged growing Liliums from seed and we have imported a broad range of seed on an annual basis for distribution to members with a view to establishing a diverse gene pool right here in Tasmania. We have also fostered the breeding of new hybrids and introductions by Tasmanian breeders have exceeded the rest of Australia for over a decade now.

For over three decades now, we have staged two annual Lilium shows, one at Burnie in early January, and the other now at Latrobe three weeks later. These two events showcase all types of Liliums and are well supported locally. Floral Art is also a major feature of our shows.

Monthly meetings are held with the exception of January & February bringing members together to discuss Lilium related topics, compare blooms, and generally enjoy the fellowship of other growers.